23 Nov

Roman Flügel – Teenage Engineering

This blog is a hobby for Fourbears jr and myself and despite our best intentions it can sometimes be difficult to keep up with everything that we've either been sent or have stumbled upon, and quite often with all our other commitments things end up getting sat on for a few weeks which is the case here.


Few labels have been as impressive as Hypercolour, amassing some of my favourite artists in their diverse lineup we've seen them release music by Maja Jane Coles, Tom Demac, Alex Jones and Groove Armada to name but a few, and adding Roman Flügel to their roster just raise them another notch in my estimations.


As you will all know i'm a massive sucker for melody in electronica, too often it can be visceral and disheveled for the sake of experimentation, but give me a good toe tapping groove and ear food melody and i'm your quicker than if i'd drunk a glass of babycham. 


Flügel is a master of finding melody where there shouldn't be any, and Teenage Engineering is a great example of his ability to take a track, and by virtue you, in various unexpected directions, with a simple bouncing single note bass hit and shuffling 4/4 beat you can be forgiven for thinking it's yet another energetic deep house DJ tool designed to get you form A to B. But the sparking reverb laden synth line drifts up stitches everything together and then drives it along relentlessly only letting go to allow it to be countered by synth stabs and percussive fills and delayed Keys.


It's a lush track truly showing why Flügel is the master of his art, you can grab it on all the usual stores but i recommend you get it at the bandcamp link below (if you feel that way inclined of course) 


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