25 Aug

Roisto – No Regrets

Regular readers around here will be familiar with the fact that both Fourbearsjr and myself are kind of obsessed with the 80's tinged discofied Frenchtouch sound of guys like Alan Braxe, Fred Falke and Madeon etc… Back in the mid to late 90's when the early French sound emerged, via Daft Punk and Cassius it was difficult to envisage how big a movement within dance music it was going to be.


I can remember being at clubs like the Social in London, the Sub Club in Glasgow and Scala in Kings Cross and hearing tracks like Da Funk, Musique, Flat Beat and 1999 alongside tracks by Chemical Brothers, DJ Sneak and Armand Van Helden. It just all fitted together and as a DJ it was invaluable. It was music that could just lighten a mood in a dingy darkened basement, the feel good party flow of the music was as comfortable alongside the deep squashy sounds of Glaswegian deep house as it was the banging beats of a London basement. Essentially if you walked into most clubs in the 90's and you had a few French house tracks in your box you could rock the place. 


Personally I always connected with the more 80's tinged sound that kind of preceded Discovery et al but like all music scenes it kind of ate itself a bit, drifted off into lots of different variants and go to artists became a little bit too familiar.


Why am I telling you this? Well I think it's important to recognise influences, especially as dance music is such a cyclic beast. The best sounds never truly disappear and when delivered in the right context will sound as fresh as the first time you heard "that track". Lots of artists have picked up the French touch sound, and many have done it well, but for me there are very few that have nailed the feel and flow of the sound whilst still managing to bring something new and fresh to the party as Roisto.


The more astute among you will remember we've been following Roisto's work right back since 2015 when he dropped the amazing Apart in Love on the awesome Youth Control Records (more on that in a minute). It feels unfair constantly referencing the French influence on Roistos music but looking at that post now, the tags i used then say it all for todays post: alan braxe, daft punk, finnish house, french house, Roisto.


Since then he's had tracks and remixes out on various labels, remixing artists like Bob Sinclar, Herefore on Kitsune, Disco Despair to name a few, pretty much all have been amazing remixes.


Anyway, fast forward and last week I was put onto his new EP by Timo over at Youth Control and this week (just) it dropped on Axwells Axetone label with a frankly awesome video behind it.


First the track. Well what can i say production wise it's big, side chained, bass heavy with a sparkling top end that is so sweet it almost makes your teeth hurt. Composition wise it's all Oberheim & Juno style happy clappy chords, well timed drops and a walking bassline melody that will have your neck snapping and your fingers tapping if you're at home and your hands in the air.


Now the video. It great, and it's wonderful to see a video that acknowledges previous works by the man in that it ressurects the Paper Mache Frank Sidebottom-esque Roisto from the Apart in Love video – who takes the place of Roisto and smashes the soundcheck on home made (models of Roisto's reall) gear that frankly if they were available to buy I would probably snapped up just to collect – an EMU SP12, what I think is a Mini Moog Model D and a bunch of other gear. It's a fun video and really captures the feel of the track and presents in a way that is as much a homage to the 90 pop video as the track is the the French sound. 


(tenious segue) Keeping a music based blog going can be difficult. Consistently finding and featuring music you really want to write about can sometimes be a slog. That's not to sound ungrateful because we get sent a lot of really good music, but I'm not a journalist, neither is fourbearsjr we just do this because we enjoy it and sometimes words dont' come easy to us. At times it can feel like a chore to sit at a computer and write another post, which is why we decide to stop posting daily and make sure when we posted it was a belter of a track.


It's days like this, and the feeling of posting a track like this and knowing how much peope will likely enjoy it that make it easy.


Enjoy, it's a wonderful summer anthem.



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