30 Jan Roisto

Roisto – Apart in Love

I had a day off today so i'm going to take a freebie and choose something that both Fourbearsjr and myself have been arguing over who's going to post for a good week or so now.

Roisto – Apart in Love

One of my favourite periods in dance music is the early 00's, and the whole French touch house scene, it's often looked on as a bit cheesy, due to the fact it literally took over the world, but it's hard to deny the sheer quality of output by labels like Crydamour and artists like Buffalo Bunch, Alan Braxe and the like.

My ears always prick up at any track that contains those unmistakable filtered Rhodes chords and side chained bass lines…. but to be honest few people really nail that sound, but Finnish producer Roisto is certainly one of those guys who's got it in one.

It's pure unadulterated Disco, a driving beat pumps the track along but never overrides everything but the track really hits home when the filtered, chopped and delayed vocal starts to cut through.

To be honest though, even though I chose "Apart in Love" I love the whole EP. Apart in Love is probably the easiest jumping on trackbut the whole EP on Finnish label ¥Ø܆H C0NTR0L is simply outstanding, the modern funk of "I'm who you need" is an absolute dancefloor destroyer, and a must for any DJ playing a chilled early evening house set.

All in all a great listen, you can pick it up on iTunes  and it’s also worth checking out the super cool little video as well. enjoy:

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