08 Jan

RJD2 – Someone’s Second Kiss






That's the thing i love about Hip Hop beatsmiths, taking something that you'd never even think to check out and turning it into a killer tune.

Prime example being RJD2, unfairly compared to DJ Shadow because "he took samples and made instrumental hip hop" his first album was critically acclaimed only, like DJ Shadow, to have his second and third albums ripped apart at the seams by the critics.

I actually liked all the first three albums. Yeah ok, the first was the strongest but I still maintain his best track is this one from the second album, "Someone's Second Kiss". There's not much makes me want to track down a Chris Rea record but this one does, sampling a massive and unmissable hook from Rea's "Little Blonde Plaits" it's just dripping in emotion and the counterpoints really nail the feeling of the main hook.

I'm always going back to it, and it always provokes the same feelings.

*photo from: Listen Differently Blog & Kenneth Nguyen Photoblog

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