23 Feb

RJD2 – 1976

I've been revisiting RJD2's "Since we last Spoke" over the last few days and decided to throw up 1976 from that album.


I remember when the album first dropped, I was confused the album got absolutely slated but i completely loved it, and in some places more than the mighty Deadringer – I think most people expected RJ to head back to Deadringer territory but he flexed his creative muscles and delivered a really varied album that took in the B-Boy sample styles of Deadringer but layered on top was a mix 70's blues, progressive rock and pop sensibility.


Of course it wasn't anywhere near a perfect album, but to this day "Someones Second Kiss" remains one of my favourite tracks ever, Clean Living is insanely good even if it's built on a huge huge sample from Third Rock and for sheer jump up, throwdown and show some moves energy 1976 is absolutely up there.


In all honesty who the F*ck knows what's going on in this track, it's a massive sample of "Un amor original" by Sophy and the vocals from the ultra crappy Cora "Istanbul" but spliced together it works so darn well, chuck in a bit of chopping and glitching and, well I guess the motto of the story is don't think too much about these kind of tracks just enjoy them for the energy and emotion they carry.


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