05 Nov

Rival Consoles – Voyager

Today’s commute was a quick drive into work. Just enough time to plug in the phone and play through the latest Rival Consoles ep – Odyssey, on the tremendous Erased Tapes label.

I have been playing through this ep for a while and the more I listen to it the better it gets. It’s got a real organic sound that much electronic music of this type misses and beautiful melodies running through it.

The obvious pick would be the final track, Soul, a beautiful vocal track featuring Pete Broderick, but in the end I have gone for Voyager. I love this track from the opening to closing bars and it’s a great example of my earlier points. Such a beautiful piece. As I drove I just kept turning it up and up and crazy drumming ensued.

It’s well worth picking up and there us more on Ryan Lee West a.k.a Rival Consoles, on the erased tapes site http://www.erasedtapes.com/artists/biography/5/Rival+Consoles

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