14 Mar

Ricky Castelli – U Can Feel It

Great music is believed to be timeless. I’ll buy that, but in reverse, I’d offer that great music is frequently made with timeless sounds. Take House Music for example, from the 80’s to now a couple of sounds that continually/always jump right out of some of the best tracks in the genre are the Korg M1 Piano and the Dx7’s Lately Bass sound.
I daren’t think how many records in my collection are made up of someone banging out a ravetastic two-chord riff and walking DX bassline, it sounds like such a simple concept and, well, I guess it is. The thing is though when it’s done properly it’s a bloody brilliant and truly effective sound.
Maybe it’s a sense of Nostalgia that makes house made with these sounds so iconic to me, but well all that above was just a neat way of me being able to segue into why I love this Ricky Castelli track so much – because it makes me feel like I’m 18 again. Heading down to Limelight on a Sunday with my mates, freaking out on the dancefloor when the piano drops on tracks like Ce Ce Rogers Someday.
I’m not saying this is in that iconic bracket but it is ultimately a wonderful slice of NJ style proto-garage house, M1 keys and Lately bassline. It’s a well constructed track, starting out quite minimal you would be forgiven for thinking it’s another one of those tracks that promise but never quite delivers, it’s all teasing melodies using the filtered and reverbed bass sound and then around the 1.30 mark it all comes in and boom, your soul walking around the living room.
Extra Nostalgia points go to the fact it’s on the legendary Nervous Records.


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