17 Dec Richard Seaborne

Richard Seaborne – Times Are Hard

I've been quite ill this week and had to take some time off work, on the plus side lying in bed (inches from death) it allowed me to catch up on some music that i'd been meaning to playlist for a while, so today i'm taking a freebie and featuring one of those tracks:

Richard Seaborne – Times Are Hard 

Seaborne has been getting a lot of attention with his hands in the air take on acid tinged 80's chicago house, tracks like the Sharon Redd sampling "Date Night" and the utterly huge "Is this Acid?" for example and it's no surprise he's been picked up by labels like Midnight Riot and Paper Music.

“Times are hard” is again a superb little disco cut (though i have  Suspicion it's a Kate Bush sample) up with filtered and delayed synths bringing the melancholy melody and the throwback rave styling Rock Da house sample. 

The main track is a nice female vocal but it's actually the instrumental that does the whole trick for me. Either way it's great stuff, give it a listen.

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