08 Dec

Rhythm on the Loose – Break of Dawn

Bit of a short one from me today as I had rather lost weekend (not in Amsterdam), so as i got up this morning i decided to go back in time and listen to some music from my youth. Early 90's house and proto jungle to be exact, Chemical Brothers, LTJ bukem and the likes, and then in amongst all of it was this absolute classic:

Rhythm on the Loose – Break of Dawn

It's one of those tracks that really crossed over, not in a chart sense, though it didn't do badly, but in the sense that regardless of if you were throwing shapes at a rave in deepest Essex or supping a few jars at the local wine bar it made an appearance and got the same reaction from city boys and hardcore ravers alike.

A big piano riff, over the top of the Lynn Collins “Think” break, coupled with the vocal from First Choice's – "Let no man put asunder" chopped and looped to make an E-induced anthem with the biggest of bouncing basses.

Yes, it's a chestnut, but it's a great one and I'm not going to say people were looking strangely at me but it was 1991 all over again on the dawn train to Paris… 

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