16 Nov

Rhymefest – One Hand Pushup

I think we’ve been running this blog for about 5 years now and I don't think we've ever featured Rhymefest, which is frankly quite incredible, considering how bloody good he is.I went for One Hand Push because it's not that well known up but could have gone for any number of tracks by Mr Che Smith. Grammy winning Mr Smith i should add. 


Rhymefest is probably best known for writing Kanye's wicked "Jesus Walk's" and the back story to that track and Rhymefests verse that was, is for another day, he won a Grammy for that track, and a few others but the fact is Rhymefest is one of the most underrated MC's out there. He came up through the battle ranks, he beat Eminem at Scribble Jam which in itself is quite some achievement worthy of note, he some success with the brilliant Bran New feat Kanye, and with One Arm Push Up i just love how the minor key sample sits under the track, how he name checks every one in his stratosphere but doesn't diss them, and yeah, while some of it is a bit foul mouthed his flow and delivery is just so good you can whip straight past it.


He's worked with a lot of people in the industry, John Legend and Mark Ronson also sit on the list but he's not been massively active over the last few years.


Regardless he's still one of my fav rappers, so enjoy!


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