30 Apr

Rhye – Open


Last night, I finally got round to catching up on a load of new music that I had been meaning to check out but hadn’t got round to yet. That meant that I had something new to listen to on the way to work this morning….and I went for the album ‘Woman’, by Rhye

Rhye are producer Robin Hannibal of Quadron and Mike Milosh, the latter being someone I have posted a track up by before. To be honest, there is no mistaking it is Milosh involved as you can spot his vocals a mile off. There is a great review of the album on Pitchfork (see http://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/17693-rhye-woman/) which also gives a great backstory and context to the album, but in short it is a bit of homage from the guys to the women in their lives and the kind of romantic experiences that can change your life: A lovely subject that they approach with more subtlety than most. In fact they merge quite classic ‘soul’ lyrics and melodies with electronic production to produce something rather gorgeous and quite emotional. 

I have gone for the first track on the album ‘Open’ which was also the first single. It’s a great example of what I mentioned earlier, that classic soul approach in an electronic context. It really is quite beautiful and so, is something you really need to hear to get. So I won’t bang on, check it out and if you like it, head for the album too.

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