22 Jan

The Revenge – Long Lost Love

I think I've actually lost count of the amount of The Revenge/6th Borough Project tracks we've featured. As anyone who's followed the blog will know I'm a huge fan of both incarnations. Of late Mt Clark under his Revenge alias has been a bit more on the raw tracky end of the spectrum which is great but I do love it when he comes back to these disco loop style track head tunes.


Long Lost Love is just that, a deep hypnotic winding groove that doesn't really go anywhere on first listen, but in fact, it's one of those tracks just wraps you up and drags you into its opioid clutches.


I won't go too much into it past that, suffice to say if you like deep hypnotic Chi-style grooves this is perfect for you,  I picked this up late last year, but for some reason never blogged it (in fairness I was recovering post surgery) but better late then never.



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