25 Oct

Renny Wilson – By And By

Worked from home today so no commute. Turned on my work laptop, turned on my home computer and fired up Spotify.

Don’t know why, but went straight to the Renny Wilson album, Sugarglider, that I have been listening to on and off all year. While I have seen it classified as chillwave (ahhhhhhhhhh) and it does have touches of people like Toro Y Moi, for me it’s more of a weird indie, disco hybrid and I think the lead track By And By fits that bill perfectly.
It’s a great track that, to be fair, does start off a bit chillwave with an 80s overlay, but at about 1.50 the bass and beat step up and we have a little disco saunter going on. Really nice and the video is rather funny as well.

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