21 Jul

Renegade Soundave – Mash Up

This is a belated Friday post, but I wanted to put it up.

Yesterday I drove into work with my wife and boy and knew we would be listening to the radio, so, I devised a game for today’s post. I would listen to the track on the radio and I would either put up a track by one of the artists they played (or someone who appeared on that track or contributed to it), or, by an artist who has a direct link to them. What I mean by that is, someone who has covered them, sampled them or got a rack that has a direct connection to them (they wrote it or produced it). But no long connections were allowed.

I have to say that thinking about this definitely impacted my work output that day. Anyway, the first track to come on was ‘All the Young Dudes’ by Mott the Hoople. It was written by David Bowie for them and so that took me to todays track: the mighty ‘Mash Up’ by Renegade Soundwave. Just to get it out of the way, this track samples ‘Golden Years’ by David Bowie.

I loved the name Renegade Soundwave from the moment my mate Pete introduced me to them many years ago and I came across this track via another friend I used to dj with. This is a B-Side track to Thunder II but is by far the track for me. Like Depth Charge, these guys were ahead of the game – I used to play this track out tons as it used to slot into so many different sets; hip hop, funk etc. It used a huge drum break from Banbarra’s ‘Shack Up’ followed by a tremendous bass line and the aforementioned sample. But I think by far the best thing is the intro that sounds like a Brazillian football commentator shouting “Renegade, Renegade, Renegade Soundwave, Soundwave, Soundwave” I still actually only have this on 12” hence the Youtube link but you can pick it up. Check it out and have a go at the game yourself.


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