04 Aug Boiler Room

The Reflex Boiler Room London DJ Set

Going to make this a very quick post today. It’s been a shocker, and to be honest i've not really ventured far from today’s choice:

The Reflex Boiler Room London DJ Set

A friend posted this on my Facebook wall over the weekend, and being a massive The Reflex fan i stuck it on and immediately grabbed it.

We've featured The Reflexes re-works on a number of occasions, so I won't waste time going into much details about him. The DJ set is exactly what you expect, loads of reworks, and what he lacks in mixing ability he makes up for in selection. Couple of highlights in there, the Drop Out Orchestras remix of TLC's – Scrubs immediately jumps out.

anyway, i suggest you grab it from the Boiler Room site it's very good:

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