13 Feb

Ray Barretto – Love Beads

It’s been a crazy week, work and weather wise, so a short one tonight. This morning I wanted some tunes that would cheer me up, so I hand picked a playlist of stuff on my phone. The one that brought the biggest smile…?

Love Beads by Ray Barretto.

Most people have heard of Barretto, the Latin, jazz percussionist. Some of his tracks are pretty well known, Right On, Pass time Paradise, El Watusi, Soul Drummers. I got into him (and Latin generally) Djing post acid jazz and through the kind of dancefloor jazz peak. While I liked the aforementioned tracks, it was always the album Hard Hands that did it for me and in particular, two tracks, Ahora Si and today’s beauty.

The first time I heard this track, I stormed the dj booth to find out what it was and then for months after, searched for a vinyl copy. I finally got one and still have it, but now you can pick the album up on mp3. I think I played it in nearly every Dj set I did for a long while after. While Latin, it is more funk based, the piano and drums are amazing and the horn section is out of this world. It really is a gem and an uplifting track. A great way to start any day.

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