22 Feb


I've been re-visiting a lot of older music over the weekend and stumbled upon Cream on Chrome by Ratatat again.


There was always something about this track that reminded me of Talking Heads, which you'll know is one of our favourite groups around here. Maybe it was the beat, it's almost certainly the guitar licks, but it's also the repetitiveness of the groove that reminds me of them.


And that repetitiveness was always something that i loved about Ratata, FourBearsJr and myself have always been a bit soft for Ratatat, they just manage to toe that line between Electronica and rock so well. Loud Pipes for example was for a long time a favourite of both of us.


Cream on Chrome is a great example of that locked in groove sound we love. The way the track just starts and you're tapping within seconds. Little licks keep it moving but it's all about getting to the bridge where it switches up, but like most of their other tracks it just oozes melody, and in a lot of ways reminds me of Idjut Boys, Fuzz against Junk, Munk and that early live Disco-house revival from the 90's. 


Been sat on this for a long time now (about 6 months), but it's a cracker so go grab it.



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