25 Feb

The Range – Slow Build

Real quick one tonight as I am still on leave so no commute, but it is a track that I wanted to share.

Slow Build – The Range.

I loved James Hinton’s (The Range) Nonfiction album from 2013. It was inventive, melodic, genre hopping, electronic music that really sounded fresh and stood out. If you haven’t checked it out you should.

Today’s track is from his upcoming EP on Donkey Pitch, Panasonic and it looks like it will be moving on nicely from last year’s album. Slow Build strangely sounds retro and new at the same time, I love the rough roll and flow to the beat and the chopped up vocals which, with the synth sounds, give it a soulful kind of vibe. It’s slightly rough sound gives it an urgency that music of this type often lacks. Bring on the full ep.

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