24 Sep Rancido Thief/104


Was feeling a bit sluggish this morning and really didn’t want too face up to anything to hectic on my way into work, so I went for a slo-mo house selection, the pick of which was:


Netherlands native Rancido has been a go to name on the deep house circuit ever since his first EP back in 2007, Salsa Sunday. Hailing from Rotterdam his Deep Journey sound has been much in demand and 104 is a lovely example of his organic dance music sound.

A slow rolling 5 minute instrumental house number,built on a short Rhodes chord looped and delayed. The track builds layer upon layer of strings, pads and a counter point melody that just drifts up in the background and brings a real sense of euphoria. It’s a really warm and emotive track perfect for an early warm up set, a late not slow down or bar or beach. The production is big, masters at work style and it’s not really surprising the EP, Thief, was released on Atjazz’s Atjazz Record Company label. The main track is a pretty booming yet lush dance floor deep house track and 104 (after the tracks BPM i guess) really compliments it.

Safe to say, being able to just lean back close my eyes and let the music wash through me made the journey into work a lot easier.

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