27 Feb

Rainstick Orchestra – Trick





No messing about today, I've gone for one of my favourite ever tracks, Rainstick Orchestra's – Trick.

From the 2005 album The Floating Glass Key in the Sky on Ninja Tune, it's a perfect combination of Electronica and traditional instruments spread over 5 minutes of mellow jazz tinged rhythms. Melody is key in this track, and there are layers of it all over the place. The orchestral stabs, the analog bass, the Rhodes piano, every single element compliments the other. In a way only a deep rooted understanding of classical instruments can.

I don't really know much about them the website is outdated and as far as i know they've done nothing since this album. I know the group Formed in 2001 when Baku Tsunoda and Naomichi Tanaka met DJ'ing, one an Editorial Designer and one a Systems Engineer. They had spent time playing in punk bands and a Yellow Magic Orchestra covers band respectively and a session group Maceo Parker and Funkadelic cover band.

Wherever they came from this track is stunning, and it's a real shame nothing else ever seemed to come out by them.

The album is very much worth tracking down, but this is my standout track on it. I suggest listening to with a large mug of coffee as the sun comes up. It makes for a great start to the day i can assure you.


Playlist Monday 27th February 2012

Weird start to the day, nice lay in and easy journey into work on a less than busy metro. Started it off with some sundrench French house Cushed Ice by Mam, and followed that up with a couple of tracks off the Rainstick Orchestra album mentioned above. From there I went a bit cosmic disco and listened to the Todd Terje EP it's the arps. Walked in the sun and the silence the last few minutes short sweet and effective.

Playlist: MAM – Crushed Ice, Rainstick Orchestra – Trick, Rainstick Orchestra – Waltz For A Little Bird, Todd Terje – Inspector Norse, Todd Terje – Swing Star 1, 2, 1&2.

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