21 Sep

Quantic – We Got Soul ? (Rob Life Remix)

Been reliving my misspent youth lately, and digging back through my records i found my copy of Breakin Bread "The Deadly 7" Sins", and I got listening to it on my way yot work this morning, specifically the Rob Life remix of Quantic – We got Soul?


Look this is a pretty simple track, it's instrumental Hip Hop at it's floor filling best, a heavy drum beat crashes along with snappy Hip Hop vocals, but, and it's a big but this track is all about the mahoosive "Sam & Dave – Soul Sister, Brown Sugar", if you've ever heard M.O.P's – Ante Up and frankly I doubt there is a person on the planet who hasn't heard that, then you'll know exactly the sample i'm talking about.


The track is all about the club, yeah sure it's originally a collectors track, but the fact is it sounds great loud (even better when you're  a little drunk), so I'll stop there, let you crank it up and enjoy.


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