18 Apr

Public Enemy – Public Enemy No1





There are two reasons why this tracks has popped up on my mp3 player recently, the first is the post fourbearsjr made about public enemy's -time bomb a few weeks ago (I think this is the first time we've featured the same artists twice). The second is el-p's list of all time classic samples highlighting this.

When most people think of Public Enemy it is the second album, it takes a nation of millions and the third fear of a black planet that most people instantly gravitate to. But like fourbearsjr the first album yo! Bum rush the show! Is their best album.

Whilst I liked the following albums they were always so political that I struggled to identify with anything within them. I loved the sound, and they are good albums but being a middle class kid from Essex what do I know about the struggle?

No, for me it was always about the 1st album, and especially the track Public Enemy Number 1.

As a track it is simply one of my favourite hip hop tracks ever. It has everything, an amazing sample in the JB's "Blow your Head", and fantastic battle rapping by chuck d, who is by no means the greatest rapper ever, where he delivers an absolute master class in flow and shows an ability to deliver punch lines that Jay and Nas would both be jealous of.

Legend has it that the track was originally made as an advert for Chuck D's weekly radio show. Now I don't know If that's true but I would love it to be so, and it pains me greatly that most people will only recognise this track because a certain p diddy covered it, and badly I might add, and and that it is so often overlooked for other Public Enemy tracks like “Bring the Noise” et al..

Simply put this track encompasses everything that I liked in hip hop as a teenager, and why I was drawn to it as a youth. It wasn't angst, or rebellion, or bling or misogyny. It was the fact that, and I quote Chuck D here , it was "Kicking like Bruce Lee's Chinese connection", enjoy.


Playlist Wednesday 18th April 2012

Being a parent illness comes with the territory, and my little boy has kindly passed on a stonking cold that has made it difficult to listen to headphones, so i took a rest today and opted for a freebie

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