22 Sep PE

Public Enemy – Prophets Of Rage

Bit of a curve ball today, as my playlist into work was not music, well not in the traditional sense, it was a video:

Public Enemy – Prophets Of Rage

I was up at 6 am today, and really really didn’t feel like shuffling through a playlist today, so i decided to watch something, and flicking through my hard drive i noticed a few old documentaries that I’d been meaning to watch.

So I loaded up the Prophets of Rage documentary and set off for work.

The documentary basically covers the formation and beginning of the group through to their later albums. There are lots of interviews, with the group and many of their peers, and it mainly focuses on the early years, from pre “Yo Bum Rush” the show through to the fear of a black planet, mainly focusing on the impact of “It Takes a Nation of Millions”.

It’s a fascinating watch, and really worth an hour of your time – thankfully it’s on Youtube, so have a watch.

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