29 Jan

Project Tempo – Ninjamixdump Christmas Guest Mix 2013

If you follow the blog you'll know i'm part of the larger Project Tempo production team, and last summer we were asked to do the 2013 Christmas mix for the amazing NinjaMixDump. The mix dump is basically an aggregator for mix tapes form all over the place, and each year they get someone to do a guest mix. DJ Pnutz did the first one, DJ MoneyShot picked up the baton in 2011, and the most talented of beatsmiths Sasqwax delivered one of the finest beat tapes i've ever heard last year with his Herbie goes Bananas mix.

Anyway the upshot is i took on mix duties and aiming to do something different form the rest i decided to do a homage to a group of DJ's who really influenced my style of mixing and production, the Mastermind Sound System, who did the various Street Sounds Electro mixes.

There is a long story behind it, that you can read on their tumblr and i wont' go into now, but the mix is now available on the Project Tempo soundcloud page, downloadable from here.

anyway, it's a tour de force in classic electro, taking in africa bambaata, man parrish, Hashim, Shannon, Kraftwerk and a ton of others, i won't say it's amazing as i did the mix, but hopefully you'll enjoy it. it's heavily edited, and layered, and took a long time to put together – i think it's fair to say it wa s areal labor of love.

hopefully you'll enjoy and don't forget to check out the previous mixes, as they are all absolutely amazing. 

Ninjamixdump Christmas Guest Mix 2013 by Project Tempo

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