10 Aug

Project Tempo Guest Mix – August Podcast

If you've been following the blog for a while you'll perhaps know that we once, very long ago, started a series of monthly podcasts by the regular contributors. Well as with most best laid plans that lasted about one podcast and then the blog took off a bit making things hectic, add work and family ontop, and despite promising ourselves to do more we just never quite had the time.

Thankfully now as things have slowed down over the summer we have been able to have another look at it, and calling in some favours we've roped the guys from Project Tempo into doing the August one to kick start the series again.

Project Tempo if you don't know are a Paris based re-edit and DJ duo who over the last couple of years have been making waves with their slowmo re-edits and DJ mixes. They've popped up all over the place, on both the Blogosphere and some cracking clubs across the UK, and their edits have been getting blasted accross festivals and clubs by DJ's as diverse as the Revenge, Optimo, Dimitri form Paris, Ashley Beedle, Greg Wilson and a ton of other very well respected DJ's..

The mix is typical of them, Nu-Disco and pitched Deep House, with edited Transitions and shed loads of effects. The tracklist is a bit of a current who's who, starting out with a super soulful re-work of Azari & III by CFCF, it then takes a quick diversion into cut up house before they let the music breath with some dubbed out slo-mo from Idjut boys and Soul Clap, after a brief rest it's all hands report to the dancfloor for some top class deep workouts by way of pitched down Aussie songstress Anna Lunoe and fellow country men Touch Sensitive and Andy Hart. 

The Mix is below, and hosted on their soundcloud page, you can either listen there or download it from here:DOWNLOAD


*update: we’ve just noticed the artwork at the top the page and in the file is wrong, and will be re-upping the file with correct artwork over the weekend – it says mixed by me Aapie and not Project Tempo*

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