27 Sep

Prince Po – Bump Bump feat Raekwon

Been a tough week, so as you do, i've been listening to a lot of hip hop. Working my way through the classics, and i stumbled into today's track which i hadn't heard in a long long time: 

Prince Po – Bump Bump feat Raekwon

Now, as part of the mighty Wu-Tang Clan Raekwon needs no introduction. He's is one of, if not, the most skilled rappers in the Clan, and responsible for verses on so many legendary tracks it's almost impossible to count them. I think it's safe t say even people not massively into underground hip hop know who his is or have heard his work.

Prince Po however is a lot less know outside the more underground listeners, but he's no less revered. As part if Organized Konfusion he, along side Pharaoh Monch Delivered one of the greatest Hip Hop albums of all time, but unlike Pharaoh he seems to have enjoyed a lot less success post Organized Konfusion. That's not to say he hasn't delivered some bangers, but his profile is a lot lower than Monch and Raekwon.

So it was interesting back in 2004 when i heard he'd teamed up with Lex records, the Hip Hop imprint of Warp records. It turned out to be a great album, with the stand out track for me being Bump Bump. Two fantastic rappers on the mic, bringing their top game. But that's not all because the track is produced by the master of beats Madlib. 

So, lets just  go over that again. Two legends of Hip Hop on the mic? check! Probably the biggest Hip Hop beat producer of the 00's on production? Check!

How was it ever going to be anything other than insanely good?

A rolling beat and bass, a catchy chorus that anyone can chant, and club smashing lyrics. It's a belter, and it's a crime it never really did as well as it should have.


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