08 Jul

Prefuse 73 – Storm Returns feat Tommy Guerrero

I was pretty tired this morning, and i'm not gonna lie it was a struggle to get up and make the train on time. It had been a great weekend, both the sun and my son combining to make me more knackered than usual (that might be due to Mummy being away for the day) but happy as anything… so it was with a hefty sense of resignation that i finally crawled onto my train.

I've got a new phone/mp3 player – the Nexus 4 (it’s amazing), so i'm still getting to grips a bit with the music player etc.. and after a week only just figured out how to make it shuffle and damn i'm glad i did for about 4 tracks in as the sun glinted off the glass roofs of the rapidly approaching Paris it cued up and played the utterly magnificent:

Prefuse 73 – Storm Returns feat Tommy Guerrero

If one track can truly define a genre then for me the whole of the glitch hop scene is completely defined by this one track. It's cleverly produced, emotive and musical in a way that i'm still to hear anyone in that scene get near.

This is in no small part to Tommy Guerrero's mellow Guitar playing that's chopped and edited in the most senseous of ways through out the track. If you don't know Tommy Guerrero is a former pro-skateboarder and musician. But the track owes most of it's amazingness to Scott Herren, working under his Prefuse 73 alias. 

The track starts out a simple guitar melody interwoven with Herrens synths which is then layered with glitches and stutters that drive the track on with hidden energy before the beat kicks, and believe me it does kick. A heavy drum and bass line push the track into overdrive before a full breakdown with gated synths and the gradual build up lure you into a false sense of ending before it all goes off again for the second half of the track.

It's a track that sounds so so simple but is actually incredibly complex in it's composition and production, and is one of my favourite tracks of the last 10 years or so.

Before there was com Truise, before the Glitch Mob and EdiT doing their thing, before anyone else there was Scott Herren and his many alias, and for me specifically Prefuse 73.


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