26 Aug

Prefuse 73 – Desks Pencils Bottles

Have to say today’s post is a bit of an odd one. not musically, odd in that i seem to have not taken the time to post it before. Why is it odd? well mainly because it is one of my favourite electronica tracks of all time.

I’ve certainly featured Prefuse 73 before, Storms Return is also a favourite of mine, but the first track i ever heard by Monsieur Herren was Desk Pencils Bottles.

I remember it clearly, i bought it in the original Sister Ray in Berwick Street Market, i was on my lunch break and had to DJ that night went looking for some new vinyl and picked it up on the basis of it’s cover and the fact it was on Warp. I listened to it in the shop and nearly wet myself with excitement and immediately bought two copies.

That night i got to play it on a big system and must have been asked 10 times what it was by the other Dj’s (we all played similar music). Don’t think i even mixed it in, letting the bat box intro play, most people thought it was just more instrumental hip hop till the bass and synths hit and the beat started chopping around.

Amazing, and it’s a track that has never left my record box, or my mp3 player since. It’s on the 92 vs 02 ep and is so worth grabbing its not even funny.

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