14 Mar

Prefab Sprout – Cars and Girls

It's a very lazy choice from me today, as it's been a long few days with a sickly son and a ton of studying to do, so I've been delving into a lot of old music that reminded me of school days (must be the exercise books) and stumbled back upon Cars and Girls by Prefab Sprout. I actually flagged it up late last week to FourbearsJr on facebook, but it seems to have stuck around for a few days and has wormed it's way into my ear resulting in me hammering it on my way into work today to try and get it out of my head. Alas (not really) to no avail!


Prefab sprout were one of those groups, pretty much everyone loved a track by them, most people The King of Rock and Roll, but for me it was always Cars and Girls that was the track I was drawn back to when ever I put on From Langley Park to Memphis . 


Obviously it's quite melancholic, with it's sad sounding lyrics and melodies, but it took me a long time to realise it was actually a bit of a piss take of Bruce Springsteens lyrics and the lack of depth in his songs.


Either way it's beautifully melodic and a song that does tend to tug on the heartstrings.


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