01 Mar

Postprior – Touch The Pilot






I didn’t really have a commute to work today so I guess track selection is a freebie. But with that freedom comes the task of picking a track – so many tunes, so little time, so few posts. In the end I’ve gone for a track off one of my favourite EPs – Touched Pilot EP by Postprior.

Postprior was formed by Ben Mullins and Michael Kuzmanovski after their other band, Midwest Product ceased to be. As far as I know, as Postprior, this was the only thing they released. Following this Ben Mullins released stuff under the Name Ben Benjamin. All of the stuff mentioned was released on the tremendous Ghostly International (commented on by Aapie in the Shigeto Post).

I have some Midwest Product tracks and I have some Ben Benjamin tracks and you can definitely see the connection and progression, but for me, the Postprior EP just stands so far out. As I have said in previous posts, I love stuff that mixes and mashes genres, particularly when you take R&B/Dance frameworks and throw them against more indie sensibilities. This EP covers all of this and more carrying moments of what can only be described as electronic soul. There is such ingenuity and quirky flashes across all of the tracks but a pop sensibility always keeps the tracks true. There are fantastic names – Titbar – lyrics and harmonies that make every track special. The closest comparison I can put forward is Hot Chip. In fact, if you were to listen to some of the tracks like Titbar you would swear that they had maybe ripped Hot Chip off – the vocal style, bass and drums are so comparable to say ‘Boy From School’ that it is hard to assume otherwise. Maybe they did, The Warning came out in May of 2006 and Touch the Pilot came out in November 2006. But, I think it is more of a coincidence and to be honest…I don’t care.

The lead track that I have posted up is just great; it is probably the most soulful, R&B’ish track on the ep. The cut up live drumming keeps it rough and ready, the keys and harmonies carry the melodies beautifully and the other live instruments add warmth. Oh, how I wish they had made more tracks. I love it so much that I have forced it into mixes when it clearly doesn’t go…it’s just one of those tracks that you want people to hear. You can still pick it up and musically, I don’t think you could spend your money any more wisely.


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