21 Jun

Poolside – Do You Believe







Today has been a strange day for the weather. When i left for work it was glorious sunshine which made it harder to drag myself away from the family and head to the daytime job. The minute I got to my desk it poured it down. Strolling home was again glorious, and I'm now sat posting this in my garden listening to my track of choice as i type.

As i said the weather was lovely and there is a point in my walk to the office each morning where i cross Place de la Concorde, and today just as i hit it the sun struck the Obelisk and the chorus of Poolside – Do you Believe kicked in. Yeah, i know. sounds a bit contrived, but there was really no point in trying to blog anything else after that.

This track really is the the epitome of summer, it's got everything, a cracking beat, a fantastic piano riff and lovely vocals, then half way through that wallop in a big wobbly 303 acid line and the track literally takes off for distant solar systems still to be found.

Poolside are an LA based duo consisting of friends Filip Nikolic and Jeffrey Paradise, they've had a couple of releases, Do You Believe on Echopark records being their first last back in January 2011.

Essentially it's just bloody brilliant track, that got the justifiable attention it deserves, it's probably on everyones "Summer playlists" and while tis' ben remixed a few times (Cosmic Kids being the best imho) it's still the original that does it for… well everyone i think.

To round it off a small anecdote. I was DJ'ing the other week, and at the end of a difficult 3 hour set (difficult because it was a quiet-ish night) I decided to sign off with this. at which point a guy out of the crowd walked up to me and said "I just wanted to say thank you for playing this track and making our night".

I've gone for the youtube link purely because i find the video funny and I can't be bothered to go inside and get my hard drive and upload the file, watch to the end though it always makes me grin.


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