23 Jan

Ponty Mython – Sunshine





There’s been quite a resurgence in early 90’s style dance music over the last 6-7 months, obvious candidates being Tensnake and Argy on Permanent Vacation.

It’s a bit of a marmite thing I suppose, you either love it or hate it. Personally I love it and was chuffed to stumble across the Ponty Mython warm Times EP on the Russian “My Favourite pets” label. Ponty Mython is a moniker for Sasha Pletnev who also records as Russian Adults (also worth checking out)

The Warm Times EP is serious 90’s deep house, think Ministry of Sound (before it went trance) and Strictly Rhythm and you’re getting there. Stand out track for me  is the pitched down “Show me Love” sounding Sunshine (featured track), but it’s such a cracking EP it’s hard to pick one track.

It’s been out for a while, dropping last October, but it’s well worth a gander.


*Photo from myfavouritepets.net

Playlist Monday 22nd January 2012

Having been home to visit family for the last week I’m in the mood to revisit my youth, and as I leave my apartment and venture into to the dark, cold, damp of the Parisian streets, I decide to start the day in the best possible way. The Black Science Orchestras epic New Jersey Deep. With a spring suddenly in my step, I jump on over to Chicago and get that gospel feeling with Ten City’s “That’s the way love is”. Keeping it camp I dial in UltraFlava by Farley & Heller and then “There but for the grace of god” by their Fire Island alias. I then decide to finish the 90’s decade by tapping my fingers a little faster to the Spinners sampling, and in my opinion underrated, Michael Moog  “That Sound”.

Stepping off the Metro the dawn is breaking and I decide it’s time to get up to date, but wanting to keep that classic house feel, I go for the excellent Ponty Mython – Warm Times EP, and I slow my step to make sure I can catch every last bar of the awesome Summertime.

Playlist: Black Science Orchestra – New Jersey Deep, Ten City  – That’s the way Love Is, Farley & Heller Project – UltraFlava, Fire Island – There but for the Grace of God, Michael Moog – That Sound, Ponty Myhton – Sunshine

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