28 Feb

Polica – Lay Your Cards Out






Tracks, artists and music generally are funny things. Two tracks can be so similar, but, one you love and one you may hate. Same with bands and also with people within bands. Polica are basically key people from the Gayngs collective (25 musicians strong) who released the album Relayted in 2010 that created a real buzz. Polica is Ryan Olson again with Channy Leanagh and also features Mike Noyce from Bon Iver. Now, I wasn’t the biggest fan of the Gayngs stuff (nor the Bon Iver work), but I am liking what I have heard of Polica so far. ‘Lay Your Cards Out’ is the only thing they have out in the UK (bar a track on a comp) but their album was released in the US at the end of last year and will be out here in March. You can stream tracks from various places including their website. Where Gayngs had some affinity with the 80’s (the Godley & Cream cover added to this) Polica is bang up to date and just works that bit better for me.

I heard ‘Lay Your Cards Out’ out late last year and really took to it straight away. The song, melody and vocals are real beauties, but in the wrong hands could have ended up as a real bog standard laid back, low BPM pop track. But it is the production flourishes (like much music) that really sets it apart from other stuff. Firstly the lovely vocal is heavily treated via autotune – a trick they use throughout the album and something that will be too much for some people, yet it works for me. Apparently Jim Eno of Spoon co produced which would explain a lot around the truly awesome drum work on this track. It really carries it and the changes to double time really add to the emotion of the piece, giving it a lift when necessary to stop it meandering. The bass,synths and effects just add to that emotion making it, at times, superbly tense in atmosphere with the drums building and bringing it home. It’s a phenomenal, beautiful track, well worth picking up and well worth checking out the album.


Playlist Tuesday 28th February 2012

So to the train I headed, once again slightly bleary eyed after a pretty broken nights sleep as my son is still ill. Getting up a little late meant more light which I think always makes you feel a bit better and brighter. Still, I wasn’t feeling that bright, didn’t want to think too much and so put shuffle to work and did my usual ritual of reading the news on the Independent Newspaper app. I have just loaded up a load of random, single tracks so some interesting things were thrown up….new and old. Staring with the messed up indie pop of Get Back Guinozzi which put a smile on my face the mood changed when Polica kicked in. 2020 Soundsystem followed perfectly as did the beautiful guitar/electronica work of Cheerleader Memorial and the much hyped Gang Colours, coming to a close with the awesome disco strut of Beggars & Co’s Help Me Out (Elitechnique) which still sounds awesome and had me walking with and enforced pimp limp as I approached work. A good start to the day.

Playlist: Get Back Guinozzi – Police And Thieves, Polica – Lay Your Cards out, 2020 Soundsystem – Dark Matters, 40 Winks – Wizadry, Dijf Sanders – Cheerleader Memorial, Gang Colours – On Compton Bay, Hey Willpower – Hundredaire, Beggar & Co – (Somebody) Help Me Out (Elitechnique Remix)

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