12 Oct

Point – 40:45

It has been a long and difficult week, Family are away and i've been working odd hours, and traveling at strange times of the day. It meant i missed posting yesterday and as a result i set out early this morning with the intention of picking something really special to listen to and for the blog today.

Thankfully fate dealt me a lovely hand because as i switched to a "new music" playlist of material i'd been meaning to catch up on and the first thing it loaded up was a track from Points 40:45 album, in fact the track was "a point you wouldn't understand", which jolted me into remembering i'd received the whole album, had been meaning to feature something from it at some point, and knowing it was perfect for my early journey I scrolled found the album and listened to it in it's correct order.. which is how i come to be blogging a whole album today and not an individual track by an artist.

I find traveling outside of the usual commuting hours fascinating, especially early morning, everything seems so otherworldly and clean and fresh. It's one of the few times you get to see a city with consistently different eyes as light changes and sun try's to break through it mutates and presents a constantly changing facade – which i absolutely love, and points album sound tracked this journey perfectly.

The album is very hard to pigeon hole, rooted heavily in dub (tape delay and reverb plays a prominent part in the album) and it sits somewhere in the experimental electronica relm, but then that in itself is really unfair as it's got some unbelievably amazing dance floor destroyers. Confused? yeah i know, but that's why i love it so much it just constantly changes, there is wonk and 2step, reggae vocals, head nods to Juke, deep house, classic soul and disco samples (there is a big Chic sample in one track – yet the track ends up being about as far from disco as a house track can be), broken beat, early rave and well…lets just say the list goes on.

Now something so genre spanning could easily become a huge vast sprawling mess, but it's a huge testament to points production chops that this album holds together so well. It's really polished and one of the finest EDM albums I've heard this year, and I loved the way it took me back to so many moments of my youth while keeping me rooted firmly in the hear and now.

I don't know much about Point, other than he hails from Vienna. I started to dig a little deeper but then decided i liked not knowing the finer details about him. The album landed in my inbox out of the blue and despite exchanging e-mails with Andi I like the mystery behind it somewhat.

It's hard to pick a stand out moment form this album, it's really well rounded and complete, and each time i thought i had one the next track started and i changed my mind. i guess stand out moments for me are probably "130mph" and the ethnic chants of "for this weird ride you need a beard right?". However, i do recommend you listen to it and if you like get over to his bandcamp page and donate the $5 required for the album (there is also a stunning looking CD and LP available as well.. He also has a soundcloud page which has some older but no less excellent tracks on it the link is: HERE There is also a really interesting interview with the man on Brooklyn Radio here: http://brooklynradio.com/point-40-45/


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