04 Oct

Plej- Static Friction

Ok, this is going to have to be a quick one as my day has been hectic to say the least. on top of that i had  a late night last night resulting in a very bleary eyed Aapie stepping onto the train to Paris this morning, so shuffle it was and very soon today’s choice popped up and got a couple of listens:

Plej – Static Friction

We've featured Plej before so i'm not going to spout on about them, their first album is a firm favourite of mine and the second album from 2008"Home is where your heart was also a firm favourite.

The albums a bit less dance floor orientated, a bit more down tempo in feel and sound and has no obvious big club tunes such as "You" or "lay of the land" from the first album, but it's probably a lot more melodic and electronic in sound.

There are a few tracks I really like on there, but this was probably my favourite, it's mellow, it builds and the switch up to those distorted running to hot synths up the breakdown always brings a grin to my face from ear to ear.


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