26 Nov

Plej – Lay of the Land

So I'm going to quickly rewind to 2003 on this one and a track that for me is an absolute classic slice of dance music.

Plej – Lay of the Land

I first stumbled across Plej whilst drunkenly watching late night MTV after a night out. I woke up the next morning to a hangover and to find I'd written down the immortal words "Plej – You" which jolted the vague recollection of hearing a wicked house track the night before. Hey what can i say? They can't all be amazing stories of origin,  but when i tracked down the aforementioned track I took a punt and picked up the album, Music from the Swedish Left Coast, at the same time.

You was a nice little jazzy deep house number, with a catchy hook and sing along chorus, so it was a bit of a shock when i flipped the Vinyl over to find the Deep Acidic bass lines of Lay of the Land. a track which swiftly became their defining moment for me. It to this day still sounds fresh and stands up.

The whole track is beautiful. Lush wide pads awash in reverb and filters, and a shuffling but light beat, however the thing i really like about this track is the way the bass line is introduced right at the beginning. It's just the most perfect drop. You get the opening pads, and the EQ'd break but then the baseline drops in on the odd bar and you're foot tapping by the end of the first bar.

I'm not sure what became of Plej as a project, it originally consisted of two brothers Arvid and Erik Niklasson but i think they split. I know that Erik recorded music as part of The Similou which is another great but very different project, but either way they along with Cloud and Tennishero were for me one of the key players in the pre Lindstrom and Thomas deep electronica scene coming out of Scandinavia. they released a second, excellent album, in 2008 called "Home is where your Heart is" and i recommend you pick it up if you can. 

There is a digital verison on Emusic and other sites that carries the album and the remixes and 12" versions, there is a vocal version of Lay of the Land which for me really doesn't work, so if you like this make sure you track down the original version – you can tell the difference as the Vocal is generally referred to as "And so lay the land"

Playlist Monday 26th November 2012

After a  lovely relaxing weekend with the family today was bizarre journey to work. From the police coming on the train and stopping everyone from leaving bar anything but one door of the train to the comedy value lad projectile vomiting into a plastic carrier bag as every one schlepped past trying their best not to look right at him… i could go on but really what would be the point, so I'm gonna get to the music.

I started my journey with a new track I'd been sent by the Project Tempo lads, a rework of a house classic but interestingly not a re-edit as they are well known for, moving on form their i listened to You and todays choice of track Lay of the land but enough about them. As we approached Garre Du Nord I checked Mark E – The Day a wicked piece of funktastic slo-mo house that i keep meaning to feature but never quite do.

As i swapped trains and headed to Saint Lazare i listened to the amazingly beautiful mood piece that is Wambonix – Thank You – track it down if you like deeeeeeep house. 

And somehow  that was it, a few tracks and a few rewinds later, I was there, at those cavernous dark doors that lead to the hell that is the daily office job – although to be fair it was a pretty decent day in the scheme of things and i happen to work with a decent bunch of people. So certainly not a day is should complain about..

Playlist: Project Tempo – Untitled, Plej – You, Pley – Lay of the land, Mark E – The Day, Wambonix – Thank You

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