13 Dec

Plastic Plates – Things I Didn’t Know I Loved (Bufi Remix)



Its coming up to Christmas, it’s a bit party time, so we need tunes that are going to do the business; and blimey, does today’s track do it.

I have gone for the Bufi remix of Plastic Plates ‘Things I Didn’t Know I Loved’ which was released on the tremendous Kitsune label; and straight up, it’s a bit of a monster; that smacks you squarely in the face, steals your shoes and then sets you on fire..erm, it, goes for it.

I was on holiday today so another freebie (taking the piss I know). So I was flicking through some stuff and I came across the Plastic Plates track ‘More Than Love’ which is an absolute belter in its own right and a track I picked up for free a while back. I thought I would look into the rest of the ep which then led me to the Bufi remix of the lead track and after checking it out there was no going back. There is no mistaking what this track is or what it is built for, from the opening kick drum you know it means business. Now, I thought the original was ok, but this just smashes it to bits – after the kick, the chopped up vocals come in along with various synth lines all trying to out do each other in the ultra melodic emotional stakes. The break down at 2 minutes calms things down and then it really takes off…does it drift into cheeseville, maybe, but frankly who f’ing cares when you are throwing out mental disco kicks.

The original ep is highly recommended (particularly the last track which I mentioned above) and you can pick this track up on the Gildas Kitsune Club Night Mix – their comps are always ace so check it out.   


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