27 Jul

Plastic Fantastic – Here Comes The Sun (Beatfanatic remix)

Don't know where you are but the end of July beginning of August should be Summer, but here in gay old Paris it feels more like Autumn has arrived early and after a month of glorious sunshine the rain has returned in force. So I need a reminder that the Summer Holidays are actually just around the corner, and on my way to work I loaded up a nice sun drenched selection to coax me through the dull overcast commute.

Very early on the Beatfanatic remix of Plastic Fantastic's aptly titled Here Comes the Sun cam on and stayed in my ears for the rest of the day.

The track is very very simple, but sonic-ally so so pleasing. From the opening delayed and reverbed pads the warmth of the track builds slowly via way of a mid tempo beat, that develops in about as predictable a manner as is possible (and that's a good thing because this kind of music is all about groove and knowing where you're going), just sucking you in, locking you up in that relaxed head space and letting you float along with the progression of the track.

Plastic Fantastic, as an artist and a label have been on  my watch list ever since I heard the brilliant  Computer Love back in 2013 (just checked actually it was 2012), they seem to get the balance wel set between that chilled melodic disco not disco vibe and pure chill music.

Either way Here comes the Sun is another superb track on a really worthwhile label. 


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