13 Feb

Pilooski – Can’t there be Love

A little bit of a funny story behind why i'm posting this blast from the past, and it's kind of purely for my own amusement, essentially I was sat listening to some music and on came the Pilooski re-edit of Dee Edwards Why can't there be Love. As it starts I can see across the room my seven-year-old son tapping his finger along to the opening intro only to turn to me when the chopping and glitching started to turn ask me "Papa, is there something wrong with the record?". 


I laughed, but I get it this French Touch style Heavy Duty chopping is a bit of an acquired taste and if you've never heard it before……


Anyway, he was soon won around once I explained what was going on and he listened a bit more, unfortunately for mum, he's now running around the apartment singing the song glitches and all – again, I completely get it.


I guess most people will know the track from the Adidas commercial featuring Snoop and Beckham, I first heard this when I was living in Paris. It was a big track partly because of the pure insanity of it, partly because of those big f*ck off distorted drums. 


Again, I get it…



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