28 Mar

Phono Ghosts – When We Were Fifteen (fade)

I did have a commute today, but between a slightly sleepy disposition and the radio not chucking up anything interesting (suprisingly, and i'll explain why another time) i am going for a track, from an EP i have been hammering during my other commutes this week.

When We Were Fifteen by Phono Ghosts

Its been a busy time for me recently with the new child, so my ability to check out new music has been bordering on non existent (to be fair it has been that way for some time). But the other day i got round to checking out some stuff and came across the EP today's track is from. I say new, i think this was actually released on Skam Records at the tail end of last year.

I don't know much about Phono Ghosts but i was intrigued by this release. Apparently, it is a bit of a homage to the old cassette format (hence the name of the EP and the titles of most of the tracks – i think you can actually purchase it on tape) and is (and i quote from the Skam site) "CONSTRUCTED USING TINY FRAGMENTS OF LONG-UNWANTED CASSETTES FOUND IN LOCAL CHARITY SHOPS, AND COLLECTED OVER MANY YEARS IN THE DARK OF NIGHT"

The result is a chopped up beat/funk hybrid, with flashes of 80s synths, warped vocals and all sorts. Its disorientating in places and really beautiful in others, plus (and i don't know if this is down to me subconsciously thinking about how the tracks were put together and their source) there are snippets that i am sure i recognise, that take me right back to being a 14/15 year old kid (just like the name of the track), but i can't quite recall what they are (as an example the track Ferric Dreams really sounds like it is sampling Fashion by David Bowie but almost certainly isn't).

Anyway, the track i have gone for is the only one on soundcloud, is the most mellow track on the EP, but is really lovely. It is pure, blissed out slow slow slow beat action. I love the beautiful piano melody that has been nicked and messed with and the way it gets chopped up and reassembled. Really lovely stuff from a fantastic EP that is well worth picking up.


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