25 Apr

Phoenix – Trying To Be Cool

French-band-Phoenix-001 There was only ever going to be one thing going up today and that was a track from the new Phoenix album that i have been hammering on my drive to work. I (and Aapie) have been been big fans of their work ever since the opening bars of If I Ever feel Better and Too Young smacked us round the face from their  first album United. The fact they had close ties to daft punk and co just added to the appreciation. 

As their albums have gone on i think they have become more guitar orientated and straight ahead, but they have never lost that effortlesness or their almost peerless ability to turn out the most amazing melodic pop that always has someting special, has humour and never strays anywehere near cheese.


I have gone for a live version of Trying To Be cool, which for me is probably the most accessible track on the album and also the most 'Phoenix' like. The live version, the title of the track, everything about all of it, just sums up what i love about them. Funny, laid back, cool and f*&king catchy. Long may they carry on.

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