28 Jul

Phoenix – Fences (LeMarquis Remix)

Despite waking up to rain this morning summer is most definitely here to stay (he says hopefully), so it was a summery pop style playlist I decided to bump on my way to work. Now over the weekend i'd downloaded the great new track by Le Marquis –  Warm Me Up (you can grab it here) and it reminded me of the superb remix he did of Phoenix's Fences earlier this year which then got stuck in my head, as is often the case, and i ended up deciding to blog: 

Phoenix – Fences (LeMarquis Remix)

Phoenix are one of those bands that as much as i love their work the definitive track tends to end up being someones remix, and this is one of those occasions.

To be fair the track is pretty much what you expect from LeMarquis; a mid tempo house beat, big pumping rhodes pianos with lashings of filters synced with a big fat fingered bass and wicked little Chic style guitar lick. All coupled with a lovely gentle vocal courtesy of Phoenix that just oozes warmth. 

It's pretty standard stuff but it works so well, especially when that big fat awesome chorus and all it's melodies come crashing in, and if you are a fan of the Kitsune sound, Classixx and the like, then this is right up your street, even better it's a free download. 

Hard to argue with that:

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