23 Dec

Phoenix (feat. Bill Murray) – Alone On Christmas Day.

So this will be the last post from us this year, and each year I try to stick up a Christmas track, so here goes.


As I have mentioned previously, I love Christmas and Christmas songs. Both Aapie and I also love Phoenix. So Phoenix doing a Christmas song is as good as it gets for me. Chuck in Bill Murray and we have really got a game.


The track is great, it is apparently a cover of an unreleased Beach Boys Christmas song, which I fully believe – it sounds like them, and it appears in the Sofia Coppola Christmas special for Netflix (which is also very good). Finally, the proceeds go to UNICEF which is great.


So that is it from us until 2016. Thank you to anyone who has checked us out and taken the time to read any of our posts. And thank you to all the kind artists who sent us their stuff. We really appreciate. Here's hoping you all have a great Christmas and New Year.

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