03 Apr

Phoenix – Everything Is Everything

Just a quick one but what a belter. The other day i mentioned that it was now odd not to hear something good on the radio when i drive to work. That is due to the fact that i now have a DAB radio in the car and i can listen to the excellent 6 music as i trundle in.

Anyway, the other day the played a lovely track by Bombay Bicylce Club, Lights Out, Words Gone. Not a band i have really been into, but this is really nice and reminded me of todays band due to its kind of Indie/Soul almost slight funk feel. It particulalry reminded me of Phoenix's second album, Alphabetical and prompted me to load said album up and i have been hammering it since.

I have stated this before, but i love Phoenix. The funny thing is, as much as i love Alphabetical (may be my favourite Phoenix album), i only own it on Vinyl so don't get to play it much. Downloading it reminded me of how great it is and how amazing today's track is. It is a nice progression from their more dance orientated 1st album to their rockier stuff, but really hangs on to the dance production values and give the tracks (like Victim of a crime) some clout and warmth. This is even more true on Everything is Everything. The multi tracked vocals, chopped up live guitar, plucked guitar really drive it and create such a gorgeous sound that it is really hard not to chuck a few shapes to. Awsome.


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