09 Jun

Pharrell Williams – Happy (Lenno Remix)

It's a bank holiday here in France, so no commute, but i've had a ton of stuff to do and i've had music on most of the day.

Anyway, i walked out of my studio mid morning to see my little boy dancing around like a lunatic to this cracking remix:

Pharrell Williams – Happy (Lenno Remix)

Now, i like the original (does anyone not?), but i'd imagine like most people i'm pretty sick of hearing it on everything from TV reality shows to cats and dogs on the beach. So i'm gonna be honest here i didn't exactly rush to listen to this remix when it dropped through the inbox, but it actually works really well.

Nice simple arpeggiated bass line and synth chords under the main verse, a big big blow out EDM flecked chorus and some serious guitar chops on the crescendo and a remix that really does flip the original in a way that changes the whole focus of the track from the chorus to the verse.

It's nice. Thought the verses are genuinely uplifting, and it's pure summery music and Finnish producer Lenno breaths a bit of life in a great song that has been totally over killed. The nice thing is nothing sticks around long enough, so you constantly want to come back and listen to THAT bit again….

Also it's free for a facebook like so grab it,a nd do check some of the other stuff whilst on his page.

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