21 Jan

Pavement – Debris Slide

Today’s track is a bit balls to the wall, but it’s by one of my favourite bands so I’m chuffed to stick it up.

Today’s commute was a drive to Nottingham from Leeds. Bloody cold and with me almost sliding off the road, It started off with the new Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks album which is excellent. Since  Pavement I have found his stuff a bit hit and miss but Wig Out At Jagbags (what a name) is brilliant. It has all the elements that made Pavement albums so great: funny, pretty out there lyrics, crazy time signatures\changes and great tunes.

From there I went on a bit of a nostalgia trip from the early 90s, through the first Pavement album and early EPs, past a bit of Uncle Tupelo. So from that mob of stuff I picked this belter, Debris Slide. It first came out on the Perfect Sound Forever 10″ but can now be picked up on reissued albums.

Its a flat out, 2 minute indie punk pop beauty. I saw them at Reading in 92, and as I stood in the mud and rain I hoped they would play it. As they came towards the end of the set I heard Malkmus shout this track to the band, they nodded and stormed into it. I was a happy chap. I also saw Sebadoh once, around that time, and got talking to the drummer afterwards. In the indie club, Debaser by the Pixies came on. Amazingly, he hadn’t heard it, but he said to me… “It sounds like a Pavement track, Debris Slide”. He wasn’t wrong.

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