25 May

Patrick Adams – Kings and Queens





I fancy some disco. Do you fancy some disco? Let's have some disco.

Disco is a funny thing, it's for the most part considered a very cheesy genre of music. But that's doing it a bit of a disservice, as if done properly it's not cheesy, it's emotive and moving. At it's best it takes in deep and dark dubbed out sounds and at the other end of the scale vast sprawling epics with huge production values soaring strings, brass and vocals as a musical genre it’s almost chameleon like.

For me when considering the later kind of disco there are two production teams that stand out. One the mighty Chic, and the other the legendary composer Patrick Adams.

Adams is probably less known to the average punter but his discography is vast. if you wiki there is an astronomical amoount of tracks, something like 300 recorded, and involvement with a further 1000. I don't know how much of this is true, but a few years ago the fantastic TEG records put out a compilation of his work, and on it is what i think is one of his most amazing tracks Kings and Queens.

Checking different places it's credited as both the Patrick Adams Institute and the Patrick Adams Initiative – hence here it is presented simply as Patrick Adams.

It's a stonker whatever name it's under, it's midtempo, with a guitar led intro that doens't promise much, but when the horns hit? oh my! It does take off.

It's short, there are not vocals but I think it's a classic bit of disco. enjoy.


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