02 Jun

Passion Pit – Sleepy Head

So,  I have been missing form the blog for a few weeks as the family and I embark on a new adventure. We have upped sticks and moved to Malta where I will work for 2 years,  maybe 3. So that is where I will be posting from for the foreseeable future. It’s something we have always wanted to do and we are all pretty excited.

The last two weeks have been pretty crazy and I write this blog from a hotel room as we try and find somewhere to live! Also means I have had  no time to listen to any music. But these are the times when families come together. Sitting the other day having a coffee we got emotional when the fabulous Sebastian Tellier track La Ritournelle came on. A song that holds great memories for us. And it made me think of other tracks that we look back fondly on and that brought me to today’s track,  Sleepy Head by Passion Pit.

Originally on the amazing Chunk Of Change ep that came out in 2008, it was apparently a mini ep that he created as a gift to his partner that he then released, this was the track that blew my mind and still does. The blend of glitch electronica, warped and repitched samples,  thumping 4/4, synths and almost hyper vocal created something that at times can bring you to tears and others have you throwing out mad kicks.

It is absolutely stunning,  the whole ep, and it will always have a special place in the hearts of me and my sleepy head wife.

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