02 May

Parcels – Herefore (Roisto Remix)

It's a Bank Holiday weekend, so lets get the week rolling with a nice up tempo slice of happy clappy dance music from blog favourite Roisto, and his superb remix of Herefore by Parcels.


As with most tracks by Roisto it's pure unadulterated poppy disco, and that's a good thing. 


The original track by Parcels (below) is about as far removed from Roisto's remix as you can get. Down tempo half time loungey eletronica. I'm not going to lie, it's nice, really a lovely track pushed along by a so wrong it's right vocal and de-tuned keys and brass. But Roisto takes key elements from the original – the chic-esq guitar, the French touch vocal (though they ain’t French), and the chord progression and moves them up a few notches combining them with a huge synth and counterpoint b-line that will not fail to get you're arse wiggling and the corners of your mouth turning up. 


The switch up in tempo really transforms the track from jazz tinged melancholy to dancefloor/pool side pop. The chorus and verses flowing perfectly, and like all great remixes (and this is a great remix) it's as though the song was written for it.


Anyway, the EP is out on Kitsune end of this month,and luckily for us Roisto's remix is available as a D/L on the link.



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