09 Mar

Paradis – La Ballade De Jim





I’ve always likened college radio in America to the Pirate Radio scene in the UK. Both working outside the realms of the larger corporations and having significant stakes in championing and breaking new music that can’t be given the airplay it deserves on major labels.

obviously the advent of the internet has brought American college radio to our shores and one of the radio stations I occasionally listen to via the TuneIn app, and should be a familiar name to anyone who’s into dance music is WNYU-FM. It’s famous mainly due to DJ Eclipse from Non-Phixions Wednesday evening “Halftime Show”, and the incredibly popular Beats in Space show presented each Tuesday night by Tim Sweeney. Now if you know about Beats in Space I’d imagine you are also aware of Mr. Sweeney's monumental DFA mix CD for Mixmag, and his mix CD for the DFA Vol2 compilation back in 2004.

Now that’s all great, but the reason we’re talking about Sweeney and WNYU-FM is because off the back of the Beats in Space radio show he started a record label, and the first release on that label was Paradis “Tirage” EP featuring the track I want to focus on La Ballade De Jim. The story behind the tracks release is a nice little tale, Paradis sent the demo to Sweeney hoping for some radio air play and he replied saying he wanted it to be the first track on his new label all agreed tis would be a cool thing and the track was released last August as BIS001.

It’s a lovely mellow mid-tempo electronic affair, with soft drums, dreamy synths, and  gentle vocals that are stacked with Melody in a way that only French can be. The track itself for some reason reminds me of the first time I heard Phoenix, although I should point out the music in no way bears any semblance to Phoenix’s output, there is just something there – whether it’s the melancholy feel of the music or the sound of the vocals I don’t know it just seems to push the same buttons as when I first heard the French super group.

All in all it’s a wonderful song, that lovingly re-interprets the track of the same name from Alain Souchon’s 1985 album “C'est comme vous voulez”.

You should listen & grab it whilst you can.


Playlist Friday 9th March 2012

It’s been a difficult week, lot’s of travelling, issues with the website (you may have noticed we had some down time over the last few days) and cr*ppy weather to make it all the more miserable. So it was nice to get up today, see the sun shining and head off to work knowing that despite a hard slog of a week I have a nice little weekend ahead of me.

The sun was blazing when I left, and although not cold the air was crisp and fresh, so I started the journey listening to the track I chose to blog today Paradis and their Tirage EP – to be fair I’d completely forgotten about this EP to some degree until my friend flagged it up to me again on facebook and I dropped it back on my player at the start of the week. After I’d listened to that a few times I let shuffle do its thing and had a disco 10 minutes with Late Night Tuff Guys – Baby…you fooled around. From there I listened to a bit of Dilla, specifically the instrumentals of the Pharcyde tracks he worked on, and then as I walked up to work I decided to give Paradis one last listen, and La Ballade De Jim got its third airing. Bit of a lazy playlist to go with a  lazy journey, but that’s just how I roll.

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